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Each one of our STUDENTS

is unique and exclusive to us,

each person is individual

With different dreams, challenges and expectations, with different possibilities and needs, that is why your program will be studied, analyzed and designed as a tailored suit, which only you can use, enjoy and take advantage of.


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The world offers millions of possibilities but not all of them are a fit for each and every one of us.

Get to know you

At Global Studies and Experiences we want to get to know you, know who you are, what you have studied so far, what your dreams are and your possibilities to make them come true.


After meeting you and with our 31-year experience providing advice on studies abroad, we will be able to offer you the best options to fill your dreams.


And everything ready for your trip and you begin living a great experience.


Many schools and universities around the world offer scholarships and discounts that make a difference when making the decision to study abroad.

With Global Studies and Experiences you will always find the best options.


As we all know, visas are optional for each country, but Global Studies and Experiences works with Visa Advisors who provide all the necessary information to comply with all the requirements and give the necessary training before the student appears before the Embassy, which provides security and confidence in the process.

Not all countries require attending to the embassies, in such cases, we manage the visas directly with the schools or universities.


Each destination offers different accommodation options:

  • Family’s houses
  • student residences 
  • University residences
  • Hotels
  • Etc.

Accommodation is also directly related to the selected program. Through Global Studies and Experiences, you will find the options that you like the most and that fit your budget.


Food is a very personal subject and that is why at Global Studies and Experiences, we will take care to satisfy your preferences, as much as the program allows.


You can quote your air tickets through Global Studies and Experiences, we will always look for the best options and the cheapest rates for our students.


Medical insurance is not an option, every student must travel with medical coverage, as it is a requirement of both Embassies, schools and universities.

Global Studies and Experiences works with the best insurance agencies to provide our students with the best coverage that not only covers them in medical matters, but also in eventualities that may arise such as: loss of luggage, flight delays , dental issues, etc.

Insurance elaborated for our traveling students.


The cheapest way to travel is as a student and even more so with a student card that gives you discounts on everything, on transportation, restaurants, hotels, entertainment, etc.