If you are over 16 years old and you are thinking of pursuing your professional future abroad, these programs are for you! Global helps you find the path that best suits your tastes and needs. Live unforgettable experiences in any part of the world, while you study, you meet people and see new places.



If you need to learn a language applied to your profession, at Global Studies and Experiences we can guide you to develop the highest level in any area, such as: Business, medicine, aviation, Tourism, air force and many more.
With Global Studies and Experiences you can study abroad the language you want, while enjoying activities, developing talents or playing sports.
We guide you in preparing for the exam you must take. We make a personalized plan for you to meet your goals. (TOEFL, IELTS…)

For us it is very important that those who want to pursue university studies are well prepared to meet their goals of studying in world-renowned schools, and thus open the doors to their successful future in working life.

  • Pathway Programs
  • Language + University Tour
  • Total immersion
  • Linguistics Living in the Profession

You will have the opportunity to learn another language with Total Immersion living in the teacher’s house.

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Global Studies and Experiences advises you with university study options in different countries around the world, depending on your area of interest, your possibilities and your skills.

The Pathway Program supports what you need to meet university entrance requirements. You will receive help through the application and enrollment process to ensure you meet the required academic English standards. The Pathway Program includes the course of academic English, this course is built by the counselor, the student and the academic manager to give you the best chance of achieving the academic goals of your chosen institution.

Pathway is the bridge between the language school and the University (specific to the student’s area of interest). While learning a language in the place you want, Global Studies and Experiences will give you that bridge you need to enter the University in the area of interest you want.

Business, Law, Psychology, Art and Media, Engineering, Systems and many more: Pre-university programs reaffirm if the career you chose is the right one for you, according to your abilities and your personality, and they also prevent you from making bad decisions by saving time and money.

We support and advise you to discover your skills and qualities so that you make the right decision regarding your future profession.

Global Studies and Experiences gives you the opportunity to study abroad for your degree or university degree anywhere in the world, you choose the destination and we make your dream come true.

With the advice from Global Studies and Experiences you can study: specializations, master’s degrees and doctorates – anywhere in the world, taking you to high levels in your professional life.


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Are you looking for your work practices in another part of the world? Global Studies and Experiences has great options for you to earn your degree while exploring other cultures.

Study and Work Experience programs are an excellent opportunity to practice and develop your language skills in a business environment while gaining valuable work experience.

The program will help you develop your communication skills so that you can enjoy and benefit from your job. We offer both unpaid internships and paid positions. These programs are ideal for college-age students or young professionals with limited experience.

This is your chance to have a whole new cultural experience! She lives with a host family, takes care of their children and helps with small cleaning tasks. You will also have enough time to meet new people, travel and study.

We personalize your experience

Live the experience of studying in another country